Author: Barbara Forbes-Lyons

Suzanne Andrews: Reverse Mokume Gane

Good Day !   I am excited to finally be able to reveal the secrets ( 😊 ) to Reverse Mokume Gane.  I could never have thought that giving a name to what I do with MG could cause such a stir.  When I started doing this technique a few years back , it was with friends at…
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July 5, 2021 0

Curious Minds Want to Know

For polymer artists working with the Mokume Gane technique, imprint tools are the equivalent of pirate booty.

July 2, 2021 0

Philip Wiegard: Mokume Gane Oil Spill

I am very excited to share with you this new project I developed for Polymer Art Summit 2021. It’s a new variation on my Bob Ross Sunset Tutorial with a strong and poignant topic: THE MOKUME GANE OIL SPILL. For me this motif has many references, from climate justice to diversity to the petrochemical origins…
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June 28, 2021 0

Adding Context

Nan Roche’s book, The New Clay, was the first exposure many artists had to the technique called mokume gane. Nan’s explorations in this technique, as well as the precursor technique called guribori, creating a platform from which many of us joyfully leapt. The internet and it’s world wide web of possibilities gave polymer artists the…
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June 23, 2021 0

An Embarrassment of Riches….

The members of the Selection Committee had quite the job ahead of them once the submission period ended. There were 17 proposals, from 10 teachers spanning the globe. All entries were scored individually, with each proposal description and image group reviewed anonymously. We asked the members of the committee to share their thoughts on the…
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June 17, 2021 0

Announcing the Polymer Art Summit Presenters

The Selection Committee has chosen the following artists and presentations for the inaugural Polymer Art Summit. The committee was impressed about the number and quality of proposals submitted from artists around the globe. We will feature some of their comments in an upcoming newsletter. Registration Opens on Tuesday, June 15 Helen Wyland-Malchow: History of Mokume…
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June 12, 2021 2

Selection Committee Announced

The Polymer Art Summit team has chosen the Selection Committee for the proposals submitted for the 2021 Mokume Gane Polymer Art Summit.The members of the Selection Committee have invaluable experience as teachers, artists, workshop coordinators, students, and guild/group members.

May 19, 2021 2

Welcome to the Polymer Art Summit

The Polymer Art Summit is designed to extend the practice and understanding of a specific art topic as it relates to polymer clay.

April 30, 2021 0