Registration for the Fourth Annual Polymer Art Summit is open until July 31.

Corliss Rose is an American Artist working primarily in jewelry design and production. She is a partner in the design studio 2Roses, a collaboration of Corliss Rose and John Lemieux Rose. The studio, located in Southern California, is focused on producing one-of-a-kind and limited-edition adornment and objects d’ art, and is well known for its use of a wide range of highly unorthodox materials. 

Corliss’s jewelry-making foundation is in metalsmithing. Much of her work in metal has influenced later work in polymer clay. This is especially true in the use of micro-mosaics and botanical subject matter. Her work has been exhibited with the Society of North American Goldsmiths, The Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, and the Bejing International Jewelry Biennial, China.

Additionally, Corliss currently teaches online for Pocosin Arts, and in person for the Irvine Fine Arts Center. She serves as treasurer for both the Metal Arts Society of Southern California and the Orange County Fine Arts Association, and is the Programs VP for the IPCA.

Corliss’ Presentation: Spontaneously Emerging, Self-Replicating Molecules of Emotion: crossing into dimensional construction

Transform flat, one-dimensional pieces of polymer clay into molecular, organic, three-dimensional forms. The process involves working with prepared, cured polymer elements that are shaped with standard Ateco and Kemper cutters. Construction and assembly yield a beautiful end result, perfect for a pin back or connectors for a necklace chain.

Other Examples of CORLISS’ Work

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