Alice Stroppel

Alice hails from Sebring, Florida, but she’s been on the road a lot lately, breaking in her new-to-her camper and teaching.

In January, Alice taught Crazy Birds, Cats, and Dogs to the Tallahassee Polymer Clay Art Guild. In April, she led a session at Polymer Week Society, and taught Cane Mapping with the Blue Ridge Polymer Clay Guild in Asheville, NC. Most recently, Alice was hosted by the Southeast Florida Polymer Clay Guild, teaching those Crazy critters again.

When Alice is not making Skinner blends and canes, you’ll find her making collages, embellished furniture, and two- and three-dimensional wall art.

Alice and the Southeast Florida Polymer Clay Guild, June 2024

ALICE’S Presentation: Abstract Exploration – Polymer Clay 

Watch Alice use texture and color to create abstract wall pieces in polymer clay These wall pieces are so much fun to make and require very few tools and supplies. They can be framed or simply mounted on board or canvas; they can be very large or a small postcard size. Alice has even used the scraps from these projects to make jewelry.

Registration for the Fourth Annual Polymer Art Summit is open until July 31 and limited to 250 attendees.

OTHER Examples of ALICE’S Work

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