Author: Barbara Forbes-Lyons

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Done and Dusted!

The first Polymer Art Summit ended with a song and a bang! It was a wonderful weekend of learning, camaraderie, and all around fun. Of course, don’t take our word for it, check out the results of our attendee survey. I liked the format and content of the Polymer Art Summit Event Avg rating: 9.4…
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The Song of the Summit

by Heidi McCullough Sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things.”) Premo and Kato and Pardo and Cernit; It’s a new oven, so try not to burn it. We’ve got our pasta machines and our clay, Ready to do some mokume today! Get your translucent rolled out on a seven. (Barbara’s machine prob’ly goes to…
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Information Roundup – Yee-Haw!

We’re counting down the hours, here at the PAS Ranch. The Head Honcho wants to make sure you are rarin’ to go on Saturday, so please take some time to review this important information.

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Session Materials and When to Expect Them

There have been several questions about when session materials will be emailed to attendees. Here is what we know.

Eleven Days and Counting Down

The inaugural Polymer Art Summit is SOLD OUT!

Julie Picarello: My Mokume Gane Journey

As an award-winning artist, international instructor and author of “Patterns in Polymer: Imprint & Accent Bead Techniques”, Julie’s work has been featured in a variety of print publications as well as Beads, Baubles & Jewels TV.

Door Prize Sneak Peek #2

We’re revealing three more today, from Barb Fajardo, Barbara McGuire, and Julie Picarello. Registration Deadline Extended Registration will be kept open until July 25. Only four spaces remain. We will maintain a waitlist if the event sells out. Register at this link.

Adding More Context: Polymer Art Archive

Approximately 15 years ago, Elise Winters and Rachel Carren started what they fondly called, The Polymer Project. Its aim was to place polymer art in museums and preserve the history of the medium.

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Like Sand in an Hourglass….

Registration closes soon!

Anke Humpert: Halftone Mokume Gane

One of the many qualities of polymer clay, that attracted me to this material, is its versatility and the ability to imitate other materials or objects. As a multimedia artist at heart I found polymer clay to be one of my go to materials exactly for that reason. These qualities are extremely intriguing, not only…
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