1. a measurable extent of a particular kind, such as length, breadth, depth, or height. 
  2. a mode of linear extension of which there are three in space and two on a flat surface, which corresponds to one of a set of coordinates specifying the position of a point. 
  3. an expression for a derived physical quantity in terms of fundamental quantities such as mass, length, or time, raised to the appropriate power (acceleration, for example, having the dimension of length × time. 
  4. an aspect or feature of a situation. 


  1. form or shape (something) to particular measurements. 
  2. mark (a diagram) with measurements. 
Oxford Languages

Dimension has always been a part of polymer, implied dimension through the use of shading has also captured the polymer artists’ imagination.

In her 1991 seminal work, The New Clay, Nan Roche introduced polymer clay to a wider audience. Amongst the pages describing color mixing, bead shapes, and surface design are examples of dimensional work in polymer. There are multiple examples of Grove & Grove’s two-dimensional wall art, vessels by City Zen Cane (later, Ford & Forlano) and Kathleen Dustin, books by Kathleen Amt, and Maureen Carlson‘s Wee Folk. Other artists using polymer in their mixed media work (all dimensional in nature) are featured throughout the book, including Tory Hughes. Nan Roche’s work in using polymer in unconventional ways like viking knitting, chain mail, and her cinnabar series of sculptural jewelry is well known, too.

The International Polymer Clay Association Member’s Exhibitions are full of three dimensional work and well worth a visit.

Nan Roche, Lotus Kashigata Necklace, c. 2002
polymer, rubber cording
2″x 2″x 1/2″

PAS conducted surveys after the third Summit, and three-dimensional polymer was the top choice for a future Summit. At first, the planning committee was a bit stumped on how to cover such a broad topic in one weekend. Seriously, 3-D covers a lot of ground – figuratively and in some cases, literally (remember Layl McDill’s huge polymer artwork from last year?).

The selection committee worked hard to plan a balanced program featuring vessels, jewelry, and wall art. All the presenters are well-known in the polymer community for their mastery of this year’s topic, The Polymer Dimension.

Join us for a full weekend of polymer education, community, and creative joy!

Registration for PAS 2024 continues through July 31 but only if we don’t sell out first. This year’s event is firmly capped at 250 attendees.