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Featured Presenter: Layl McDill

Layl’s presentation will be live and a recording will be available to all attendees soon after the Summit ends on August 6, 2023. Registration for PAS is open through July with a finite number of spaces available. ABOUT LAYL I’ve been creating a series of life size and larger mixed media wall pieces of animals.  So…
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Featured Artist: Kathryn Corbin

A Mixed Bag of Mixed Media, offered as a pre-recorded, post-live session Polymer Plus presentation, is designed to help you approach mixed media with a sense of curiosity coupled with what you already know about the medium and yourself as an artist.….…because if you are willing to say, “what if” You might just find your way to “wow!”.
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About PAS

The Polymer Art Summit is designed to extend the practice and understanding of a specific art topic as it relates to polymer clay. The Summit is a live online immersion into a particular technique, art form or theme, taught by the most innovative artists in the field. 2023 marks our third annual event.
During each event, students will directly interact with renowned teachers chosen for their mastery of diverse approaches to the subject, as well as with their peers in real time in both seminar and open studio settings.