Maggie Maggio

So important to work in color by expanding from 2D color wheels to 3D models. For the first time since 2019, I will be offering the Smashing Color Week in September for artists and designers who want to take a deep dive into 21st Century Color.  It’s happening here in Portland at my teaching studio. It includes all the best exercises from my last 30 years of teaching color! Here’s the link: Smashing Color Week 2024

I am getting ready for PAS by collecting samples of the many different ways to make bracelets using my Colorwash technique combined with working in 3D. I plan to demo many of the endless permutations and combinations of top color, under color, pinching and coiling to make both bracelets and torques!

I am also working on a pdf for prepping clay ahead of time to play with during my talk and planning to make a video to show how to custom fit torques to the neck, shoulders and chest AND how to make the armatures I use to cure the clay. 

Getting ready for PAS!

I just got the 7th edition of the Munsell Student Set from the publisher today. I am beyond thrilled to be featured as a Spotlight in this classic textbook! I am even more thrilled to see that the cover goes along with the palette I am prepping for PAS!!!

In other publishing news, Steve Westland and I are proofreading the pocket edition of Universal Principles of Color, our book that came out last fall. The publisher has a whole collection of Universal Principles books and many are out in pocket editions. I love the pocket editions!  BTW We also got word that the book is being translated by publishers in Korea and Spain. So cool! These are the latest books on my coffee table. Anne’s is full of gorgeous images. Kristy’s is a dense but fascinating and compelling read about “how Britain modernised colour and how colour, in turn, modernised Britain.”

News from the Colour Literacy Project: I’m jumping back into teaching over the summer by hosting a couple of focus groups and offering mini-workshops for beta-testing exercises from the Colour Lit curriculum. This is prep for presenting the results of the first phase of the project at the International Colour Association conference in Brazil in September. Also very excited to be going on a side-trip to the famous Iguazu falls following the conference. Fun!!


Learn the basics of the ColorWash (aka Watercolor) technique while exploring the sculptural nature of polymer clay.

The first part of this presentation will cover the conditioning and color mixing needed to create two types of ColorWashed “snakes”. In the second part of the presentation you will learn how to use a variety of pinching techniques to transform the snakes into gorgeous neckpieces and bracelets. The third part of the presentation will cover ColorWashed striped snakes and the process of making buds and flowers to embellish your wearable art pieces.

Registration for the Fourth Annual Polymer Art Summit is open until July 31 and limited to 250 attendees.