From 2D to 3D: Sculptural ColorWashing

Learn the basics of the ColorWash (aka Watercolor) technique while exploring the sculptural nature of polymer clay.

The first part of this presentation will cover the conditioning and color mixing needed to create two types of ColorWashed “snakes”. In the second part of the presentation you will learn how to use a variety of pinching techniques to transform the snakes into gorgeous neckpieces and bracelets. The third part of the presentation will cover ColorWashed striped snakes and the process of making buds and flowers to embellish your wearable art pieces.

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Students will learn:

  • Mixing strategies for harmonizing color choices using the 3 dimensions of color.
  • Snake variations of the inner core and outer wraps using the ColorWash technique.
  • Variations of the pinching technique to create sculptural effects.
  • Learn ColorWashed stripes.
  • Learn method for curing to fit curves of the neck.


Maggie Maggio

Maggie Maggio is a designer, artist and art educator who has studied and worked with color for over forty years. Her personal explorations into the science of light and pigments led to the creation of workshops for artists and designers who want to incorporate the latest research in color science into their creative practice.

Maggie retired as an architectural designer in 2015 and now spends her time guiding artists and designers in hands-on explorations of the multi-disciplinary world of color and advocating for the integration of art and science in color education programs world-wide.

As a member of the Board of Directors of the US  Inter-Society Color Council and co-chair of the International Color Association Study Group on Color Education, Maggie focuses on bridging between the art, science and industry of color and advancing color literacy for the 21st century.

Maggie lives in Portland, Oregon – which she considers one of the most colorful cities in the world.


US Inter-Society Color Council



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