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The first Polymer Art Summit ended with a song and a bang! It was a wonderful weekend of learning, camaraderie, and all around fun. Of course, don’t take our word for it, check out the results of our attendee survey.

I liked the format and content of the Polymer Art Summit Event

Avg rating: 9.4 (of 10)

I felt the Polymer Art Summit event was a good value for the registration fee

Avg rating: 9.4 (of 10)

The event information provided to attendees was timely, informative, and easy to understand

Avg rating: 9.4 (of 10)

I would attend another Polymer Art Summit Event
  • Yes – 96%
  • No – 0%
  • Undecided – 4%
What topics would you like to see at a future Polymer Art Summit Event?
  • Surface techniques (texture, silk screen, image transfer, etc.) – 61.0%
  • Millefiore / Caning – 45.5%
  • Vessels – 42.9%
  • Faux techniques – 42.9%
  • Mixed Media – 41.6%
  • Wearable Art – 35.1%
  • Liquid clay – 31.2%
  • Wall Art – 28.6%
  • Sculpture/miniatures – 16.9%
  • Other – 7.8%

Where Do We Go From Here?

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The PAS Team is taking a well deserved break, but a little birdie told me you might want to keep the first weekend in August 2022 open.