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Corliss’ presentation will be live and a recording will be available to all attendees soon after the Summit ends on August 6, 2023.

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Corliss Rose

Corliss Rose is an American Artist working primarily in the field of jewelry design and production. She is a partner in the design studio 2Roses which is a collaboration of Corliss Rose, and John Lemieux Rose. The studio, located in Southern California, is focused on producing one-of-a-kind and limited-edition adornment and objects d’ art, and is well known for its use of a wide range of highly unorthodox materials.

In addition to polymer clay, PAS presenter Corliss Rose works in a variety of media. The necklace examples below show carving techniques using tagua nut, ebony and olive wood. The forest nymph necklace, shown on a polymer clay background of a forest floor, was a special commission. It combines hydraulic metal forming, Prismacolor pencil on metal, polymer clay, carving, and natural materials.


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International Polymer Clay Association



Polymer Clay & Jewelry Scale Beaded Mosaics

Mosaic art discoveries can be dated back to ancient Mesopotamia – more than 5,000 years ago – starting out merely as small pieces of stone or rounded pebbles that had been pieced together. Corliss will demonstrate how to create distinctive jewelry using polymer clay and beads as jewelry scale mosaic tesserae. Demonstrations include making custom bezels from polymer clay along with 2-dimensional polymer clay forms that are set with raw veneer, beads and related accent items.

Examples of CORLISS’ Work

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