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corliss rose

Live Presenter

Polymer Clay & Jewelry Scale Beaded Mosaics

Learn how to create distinctive jewelry using polymer clay and beads. Demonstrations include making custom bezels from polymer clay and dimensional polymer clay forms that you could cover with raw veneer and beads. You’ll also be shown how to finish your pieces professionally and not necessarily use more polymer clay. The possibilities are endless and can encompass elements for brooches, necklaces, and bracelets. You’ll be shown applications for all.

You’ll be introduced to some of the terms used in the mosaic process and tips on how to achieve Andamento, which is the movement or flow of lines made by laying the tesserae a specific way.

Attendees will learn:

  • how to create a custom polymer clay bezel and transform it into an element for a brooch, necklace, or bracelet.
  • how to create a 2-dimensional polymer clay form that won’t collapse
  • how to set seed beads and other related items permanently with a few simple tips and tricks
  • how to incorporate some expert finishing to make a pleasing piece of jewelry


Corliss Rose

Corliss Rose is part of the creative entity 2Roses, a Southern California artistic and design studio shared with John Lemieux Rose. Each is a master craftsman that has contributed a distinctive style and artistic vision to a highly successful 40+ years of collaborative practice. The studio drives on the principles of exploration and experimentation and has produced internationally acclaimed award-winning work in fashion, furniture, tableware, and jewelry. Over the last two decades, 2Roses has established its place in American Art Jewelry through its innovative use of a wide variety of highly unorthodox materials, including plastics, wood, polymer clay, rubber, and resins with traditional precious metals and gems.


International Polymer Clay Association


Examples of CORLISS’ Work

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