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Preparing for PAS has been an exhilarating experience on so many levels. It forced me out of my comfort zone as I embraced alternative materials previously unfamiliar to me. Also, I felt it was important to expose PAS participants to the creative processes of other artists. To this end, I was lucky to be able to curate an exceptional team of guest artists with diverse backgrounds and artistic originality. They will offer an abundance of inspiration that extends far beyond what I, as an individual, can achieve on my own. PAS is now just a few weeks away and I can’t wait to show you the results of this exciting journey.

Christine Dumont


Christine Dumont

I am an award-winning, contemporary jewellery artist and international instructor in the art of polymer clay. My degree in Cognitive Science has been instrumental in my personal approach to tapping into creativity in my own work which I share with my students.

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I am happy to have been selected as a guest speaker at Polymer Week 2023 in Pilsen (Oct 26-29, 2023). I will be bringing the pieces I made for PAS with me. I hope to see you there!

  • International Polymer Clay Association


Alternative Materials for Alternative Design

Introducing alternative materials into our practice offers the exciting promises of the new: novel materials, new construction solutions. For some, it may be freeing oneself from a perceived polymer clay straight jacket and a new way to differentiate ourselves as artists.

What will participants learn

Participants will learn how to exploit design opportunities provided by multiple materials and activate a design strategy informed by Principles of Design.

Registration for PAS is open through July 31 with a finite number of spaces available.

Examples of Christine’s Work

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