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Christine Dumont

Live Presenter

Alternative Materials for Alternative Design

Introducing alternative materials into our practice offers the exciting promises of the new: novel materials, new construction solutions. For some, it may be freeing oneself from a perceived polymer clay straight jacket and a new way to differentiate ourselves as artists.

Materials have their intrinsic physical, visual and emotional characteristics. A guiding principle for the designer/maker is to highlight the individuality of the materials while at the same time unify these potentially divergent elements. Learning how to resolve this tension liberates the artist by giving them a design strategy and design opportunities.

Using demonstration pieces, I will show, live, the various design steps leading to the final composition. I will first state what my intention was when I conceived the piece and what particular aspects of the materials I wanted to highlight. I will then explain the various design steps leading to the final piece. For each step, I explain the basis of my design decisions drawing on Principles of Design to exploit expressive potential.

Participants will then explore in more depth what they have learned in smaller groups (break-out rooms) under the guidance of facilitators.

What will participants learn

Participants will learn how to exploit design opportunities provided by multiple materials and activate a design strategy informed by Principles of Design.


Christine Dumont

I am an award-winning, contemporary jewellery artist and international instructor in the art of polymer clay. My degree in Cognitive Science has been instrumental in my personal approach to tapping into creativity in my own work which I share with my students.

In 2010 I created Voila!, an influential polymer design website that brought professionals and beginners together in a unique online format. Voila! is the first platform to focus on the importance of good design practice within the polymer community. By offering a thoughtful balance of practical, technical information with more in depth discussion concerning emotional and aesthetic choice, Voila! became a ‘go to’ site for artists wishing to improve their work.

I created a critique system that focuses primarily on the strengths of participant’s works while tactfully guiding them to reach higher for the best possible outcome. Art is a way of connecting with the world and I share the joy I find in it through teaching.

  • International Polymer Clay Association

Examples of Christine’s Work

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