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Good Day !   I am excited to finally be able to reveal the secrets ( πŸ˜Š ) to Reverse Mokume Gane.  I could never have thought that giving a name to what I do with MG could cause such a stir.  When I started doing this technique a few years back , it was with friends at our usual Wednesday PC get together.  Little did I know (that of the people I knew)  no one ever did this.  

I have been sorting my clay, you may have seen the photos on the MG face book page. Someone asked about what to do with reds, a most difficult color.  Here are studies, for finished pieces, I have done.  The pendants are inspired by a tutorial from Helen Breil.

BTW  RED contaminates everything !!!

I am not an active seller of goods but did have two gallery shows with PC pre-covid.  My FB pages are Suzanne Andrews and The Secret Forest. I do not post often on that page.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Polymer Art Summit!!

About the Presenter

Suzanne Andrews

As a full time artist for 40 years, I was exposed to every medium possible. I first used Fimo 30 years ago to make tiny fish earrings for my husbands marine themed booth. I was selling weaving. We retired 10 years ago and I picked up polymer again.

Caning became my refuge. I watched every video, followed every teacher and thank them all for the abundance of good advice they have given. I have taken classes both in person and via Zoom with Carol Simmons, Carol Blackburn, Fiona Abel Smith, Melissa Terlittzi, Jana Roberts Benzon, Barbara Farjardo- the list goes on. Absorbing all they had to offer and trying my best to create beautiful objects. (and fulfill my artists desire to create).

Mokume Gane is relatively new to me , about 4 years of creating in it. Then on to another style or technique. I didnt realize that what I was doing with MG was different than what others did. I knew I obtained beautiful results by pushing beyond what was the usual.

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