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Claire has been a professional crafts-person since 1989, when she graduated from the Sheridan College School of Crafts and Design (Ontario, Canada) in glass. She built and operated her own hot glass studio for 15 years and developed many successful lines of glass which sold across North America.

As Claire became more familiar with polymer, the skills acquired from glass seemed to naturally apply themselves to her polymer work. Then, naturally enough, she began to investigate surface decoration on those forms following the aesthetic she had developed in glass.

Claire’s Presentation: Tricky Ways with Acrylics, Paint, and Ink

Using simple materials with a sheet polymer base students will learn the best methods for creating these varied and unusual veneers. Although all the veneers created have similarities, they will vary in scale and effect depending on the type of paints or inks, and tools used.

During the last 45 min I will demonstrate how the process may be used on already cured polymer and how the cured veneer/object may be further changed in appearance by using other colourants on top of what is already on the polymer.

Examples of Claire’s Work

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