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Our first PAS featured teacher is Shelley Atwood. Shelley currently lives in Alpine, Texas. Her designs includes lots of texture and clear definition. The designs are often derived from ethnic and paleo-archaic art, with strong pre-Columbian and tribal influences. Shelley says that there’s a sort of post-hippy era influence as well.

Shelley’s Presentation: Texture

Using inexpensive tools, household items and found objects, students will learn to make one of a kind textures and patterns to create signature pieces. I will demonstrate the use of various carving tools to carve into layers of contrasting colored clay creating a dimensional veneer. This veneer can be used as-is or flattened and thinned to change the size and shape of the pattern.

I’ll also show how to make and use simple mark making tools to enhance designs. I’ll demonstrate how to incorporate textures from natural materials as well as man-made and found objects. Finally, I’ll demonstrate how I make sensuous, dimensional curved forms, texturing them directly or applying textured veneers.

Examples of Shelley’s Work

Registration Opens May 1