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About Shelley

My first experience with polymer clay drew me in immediately. I loved the fact that I could make something colorful using ordinary tools that I had at home. Fast forward three decades and I have a studio full of dedicated polymer clay tools and equipment! However, I still find myself looking for ways that I can use what I have to do more with my clay. That has been my strategy with texture, my true love when it comes to creating with polymer clay.

My approach to texture comes from all things organic, earthy, and natural. I’m drawn to the smallest details which, when combined and multiplied, can create the most interesting patterns as part of a whole design. This is not to say that man-made textures and tools don’t intrigue me. They do. I’ve used both in my work. In fact, I enjoy making my own mark making tools as well as using polymer tools, wood and metal working tools and other bits and bobs. Using these tools, I can impress designs, create reusable texture sheets, and carve into both raw and cured clay for a variety of effects.

Mark making and textures enhance forms and shapes. They help define and draw attention to a focal point, creating a sense of flow and movement within a design. They can also create or enhance boundaries and edges. In my presentation for the Polymer Art Summit, I’ll show you my texture techniques which you can apply and adapt to your own artistic vision.


Member, International Polymer Clay Association

Member, CatchLight Art Gallery in Alpine, Texas