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About Debbie

Debbie was lucky enough to have grown up (and still lives) in the beautiful coastal town of Geraldton in the Midwest of Western Australia.

This landscape has inspired her over the years and you’ll often see glimpses of the ocean or the outback come alive in some of her works.

Debbie has travelled extensively (both local and international) to teach at a variety of polymer clay events and has been involved with a number of community projects over the last 20 years. Inspiration from home features heavily in her workshop content.

Debbie loves to experiment with polymer clay; it seems an endless, exciting journey and generally doesn’t plan out her work. Most of it seems to fall into place, or evolves from one project to the next. The evolution of a polymer design for her is an outcome of the continuation of play and experimentation.

Debbie creates and writes tutorials for her own website and continues to create and write for a number of local and international publications and e-learning sites.