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Drawing on Polymer

Editor’s Note: This is the second article in our Surface Explorations series I suppose we all have light-bulb moments in our creative lives. For me, it was realizing that I could use polymer clay as a drawing surface, and better yet, recreate what I loved best from my academic days in the studio: rendering the…
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March 21, 2022 0

All that Glitters

Editor’s Note: This is the first article in our Surface Explorations series As we begin to take a look at the many materials used for surface treatments, one area beloved by many polymer artists are Metallics, and here are just a few. Do you recognize any of the metallic foils, paints, leaf, gilding paste, PanPastels,…
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March 10, 2022 0
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A Big Hello from the PAS Planning Committee!

We are gearing up for an incredibly exciting 2022 event and wanted to share just a little bit with you as planning continues. The best part of doing an annual event is learning and growing from previous years, and we’re incorporating the feedback from our 2021 attendees to help make this event even more inspiring.…
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February 16, 2022 0
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Introducing Polymer Art Summit 2022

The POLYMER ART SUMMIT is a unique online learning program focused on a specific polymer clay topic, taught by artists known for their mastery of that subject. The 2022 Summit will focus on SURFACE EXPLORATIONS, highlighting international artists who have displayed expertise with their innovative, unique and fresh approaches to surface treatments.  The Polymer Art Summit…
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February 13, 2022 0
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Polymer Art Summit Event Schedule

The schedule for the 2022 Polymer Art Summit is below. Changes to the schedule will be communicated to all attendees by email.   SATURDAY     ACTIVITY  PRESENTER  TOPIC     9:00 AM Zoom Room Opens       9:15 AM 9:30 AM Intros and Announcements       9:30 AM 11:30 AM SESSION #1…
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February 10, 2022 2
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Done and Dusted!

The first Polymer Art Summit ended with a song and a bang! It was a wonderful weekend of learning, camaraderie, and all around fun. Of course, don’t take our word for it, check out the results of our attendee survey. I liked the format and content of the Polymer Art Summit Event Avg rating: 9.4…
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September 21, 2021 0

The Song of the Summit

by Heidi McCullough Sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things.”) Premo and Kato and Pardo and Cernit; It’s a new oven, so try not to burn it. We’ve got our pasta machines and our clay, Ready to do some mokume today! Get your translucent rolled out on a seven. (Barbara’s machine prob’ly goes to…
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August 7, 2021 1
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Information Roundup – Yee-Haw!

We’re counting down the hours, here at the PAS Ranch. The Head Honcho wants to make sure you are rarin’ to go on Saturday, so please take some time to review this important information.

August 5, 2021 0
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Session Materials and When to Expect Them

There have been several questions about when session materials will be emailed to attendees. Here is what we know.

July 27, 2021 0

Eleven Days and Counting Down

The inaugural Polymer Art Summit is SOLD OUT!

July 26, 2021 0