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Kathryn Corbin

Planning Committee

Raised in NYC by artist/designer parents, I pursued a B.A and M.A. in Art History, then enjoyed a professional career as the paintings expert at several auction houses in New York City and New England, (who along the way married a former museum curator, director, and private art dealer). With motherhood, a degree and career switch to interior design and board positions in education, the Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, and local arts organizations.

So it’s no surprise I stayed immersed in what I studied and practiced when I discovered polymer clay and found the medium that let me sculpt with color, paint with texture, add and subtract at will, and explore widely, if not wildly! I believe it’s these characteristics that sets polymer clay apart from all other media. I admit that I like to surprise, am bored by the expected, and success, for me, is always going to be when I can say, “yes, that works!”. I’m also rather adamant that nothing can ever really work unless it follows fundamental design principles because, as I have observed all my life, without them technique is just technical. I think this is where artistic identity, or “voice” is found, as it has been throughout the history of art and design.

Since 2017, I serve as the Vice President of Program Development of the International Polymer Clay Association, and am a member of the New England Polymer Artist Guild.


New England Polymer Artist Guild

International Polymer Clay Association


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