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The Polymer Art Summit is designed to extend the practice and understanding of a specific art topic as it relates to polymer clay. For 2021, the Summit will focus on the history of mokume gane as a metalworking technique and its influence on polymer clay art.

The Summit is a live online immersion into a particular technique, art form or theme, taught by the most innovative artists in the field. 

During the event, students will directly interact with renowned teachers chosen for their mastery of diverse approaches to the subject, as well as with their peers in real time in both seminar and open studio settings.

What to Expect

  • Six, 90-minute presentations from innovative artists that will expand your knowledge of the history and artistry of mokume gane in metal and polymer.
  • Breakout sessions where you can mingle with fellow artists and the session presenters. Ask questions, get a studio tour, learn those priceless tidbits of information that you only get during a live event.
  • Learn new techniques and new ways to use mokume gane in your work, whether it is wearable or functional art.

More Details

The Summit will take place over the weekend of August 7 & 8, 2021 and the registration fee is $150. There will be a cap on attendance, and a waitlist will be available.

Registration opens June 15, 2021.