This content has been archived. It is no longer be relevant to the current event.
Image by Joshua Miranda from Pixabay

Since the PAS Team announced our seven presenters and the schedule, we’ve fielded many questions. Here are the most frequently asked questions and the answers.

Will the PAS sessions be recorded?

No, the sessions will not be recorded. The event is modeled after live, in-person events and recording is rarely offered in those situations. Attendees are encouraged to take notes, ask questions, and engage with the presenters in the breakout rooms.

Are the sessions full classes?

No, each session is limited to 90 minutes, and therefore not a full class. The presenters will be demonstrating, answering questions, providing helpful tips and much more. The sessions will spark your imagination and creativity, of this we have no doubts.

Will handouts be provided?

Yes, there will be handouts. Some of the handouts will include supplies lists for those sessions where the teacher would like you to follow along. Of course, you are not required to work along side the presenter; absorb and learn, take notes, and after the PAS has ended, use the supplies list to move forward with your own interpretations of the techniques you have learned.

When will the handouts be sent?

At the request of the presenters, some handouts will be sent in advance of their sessions, some have requested the handouts to be provided after their session. To ensure you receive all the files, please make sure and are added to your email client’s address book.