Joan Tayler

Joan Tayler resides in British Columbia (Canada) and has been excitedly counting down to the Summit on her Instagram by posting new vessels almost every day.

Joan loves color and has been selling color cards and tutorials on her Etsy site for a long time. In addition to vessels, she’s known for making polymer whistles, jewelry, texture stamps, and offering highly detailed tutorials.

Joan’s latest is a new book, Building Color Confidence – A Practical Approach to Demystifying Color. Next up is a tutorial on making a button clasp. Plus, she’s currently scheduling classes for the fall.


For the last couple of decades, Joan has been making functional things from polymer clay. She has written one tutorial on the subject of vessels and welcomes this opportunity to share some of the successful methods and help people avoid some of the mistakes she’s made. Using slides and live demonstrations, Joan will show up to five alternative ways to make vessels from polymer clay:

Registration for the Fourth Annual Polymer Art Summit is open until July 31 and limited to 250 attendees.

OTHER Examples of JOAN’S Work

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