This content has been archived. It is no longer be relevant to the current event.

The Polymer Art Summit has a little surprise in store for 2023 attendees!  We start off first thing Saturday with Christine Dumont’s session Alternative Materials for Alternative Design, and as with all live presentations, it will be followed by a breakout room. Well actually…FOUR breakout rooms, because Christine will be joined by three guest artists who will be sharing their usage of alternate materials in their work as well. A big welcome and thank you to Kathryn Corbin, Kathleen Dustin, and Helen Wyland-Malchow!

And no worries…as the four breakout rooms will be running concurrently, they will be recorded so that no matter which breakout room you are assigned to, you will be able to watch all the fun in the other rooms as well.

Speaking of fun, how about a little game to get to know these artists a little better?  Take a look at the PDF (or the graphic) and see if you can match each artist’s name to their artwork and their creative taglines.

Click the image to view a larger version.

Give it your best shot, then download the answer key and see how you did!