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I’m so looking forward to sharing the video I’m creating for you!! I’ve been working on a large collage project and filming as I go. In the final presentation you’ll be able to see my process from start to finish. Every piece I create is an experiment. Each has its own challenges and this one is no different. But there is much to learn from bumps in the road. I hope you will enjoy the ride along with me. To whet your appetite for this adventure here are some images of studies for the piece and work in progress.


Laura LePere

Studying archaeology and geology gave Laura a love of the outdoors. After college, she spent nearly 10 years living overseas and traveling, being immersed in other cultures. Always fond of animals, she more recently became a birder—now having seen over 800 species.

With these varied experiences, it’s no surprise that Laura has worked with many creative media. Professionally, she spent 8 years hand-drawing maps and 16 years as a website designer. Creativity for fun included textile arts, jewelry design, and mosaics. In 2008, she discovered polymer clay thanks to Christi Friesen and Laurie Mika and was captivated by its versatility.

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  • International Polymer Clay Association
  • Tuscon Polymer Clay Guild
  • Southern Arizona Arts Guild


4 Ps: Paper – Paint – Polymer – Pencil

Combining polymer clay with traditional art media in collage compositions expands your artistic horizons while also being playful. In this session we’ll paint paper with abandon, add polymer clay, and then use pastel pencils and colored pencils to add details to both.

Goal: Learn how to add interest to wall art by combining polymer with traditional art media.

Laura’s presentation will be prerecorded and available to all attendees after the Summit ends on August 6, 2023.

Registration for PAS is open through July 31 with a finite number of spaces available.

Examples of LAURA’S Work

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