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The start of the second Polymer Art Summit (PAS) is 6 weeks away, and while a lot of people have used Zoom, there are some for whom the PAS event will be their first exposure to online polymer education. We wanted to give you a few tips and tricks to get you started with confidence.

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About Zoom

Zoom is an online video conferencing service that allows for voice/video interaction, as well as the ability to broadcast to an audience, enjoy text chat, and more. The PAS event will be using the Zoom platform for all events.

Although you can join a Zoom meeting without having a Zoom account, there are advantages to having an account like:

  • Upload a static profile image
  • More options for meeting settings
  • Ability to host a 40 minute Zoom call with up to 100 participants, for free.

The PAS Zoom Experience

  • All attendees will be placed into a waiting room prior to admission to the event. You will be admitted to the event by one of our moderators.
  • All attendees must use their full name when they sign in to Zoom and the name must be displayed throughout the event. For example Polly Merr, Anytown, FL
  • Turning on your camera is optional. If your internet connection is slow, your experience may be improved by turning off your outgoing video.
  • You can use Zoom on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. You will find the best experience using the official Zoom app on your chosen device.
  • The event moderators will mute participants during sessions.
    • Participants that unmute and cause audible distractions will be prevented from unmuting without permission.
  • Questions for presenters should be put in chat, and will be passed to the presenter for an answer or collected for discussion in the breakout rooms.
  • The use of custom backgrounds will be moderated.
    • Our preference is for you to blur your background or use a simple static image.
    • No video background, please.
  • You can select which breakout room to join when the time is appropriate.

Tips and Tricks

Breakout Room Tips

Each day, attendees will have the opportunity to meet in smaller groups in the breakout rooms. The rooms will be hosted by our presenters and gives attendees the chance to ask additional questions, see more of the speakers’ work, and more.

When the time comes, the Tech Team will announce that the breakout rooms are open and attendees may need to click the Breakout Rooms icon or will see a box, similar to this one:

Breakout Room Selection Window
Breakout Rooms Button

Once the rooms have been opened, you hover the link to the right of the room name, and click Join.

Joining a Breakout Room

You will be asked to verify you want to enter that room:

Verification Pop-up

Once you are in a breakout room, you can opt to move to another room if you wish. Click the Leave button. You’ll be sent back to the Main Room, where you can select another Breakout room to join (remember you may need to click the Breakout Room icon to select another room).

Five minutes before the breakout rooms close, you’ll get a warning message and the countdown begins. The rooms will close automatically, and all attendees will return to the Main Room for closing remarks.

Learn more about breakout rooms:


Limited Space Available

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