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I found that mixing metals with metallic polymer surfaces worked aesthetically well in these pieces. This span of
work was created between 2006 through 2020, and I still look for opportunities to use metals today. The metals I
used in these pieces include: a watch face, milagro charm, metal seed beads, wire mesh, hammered sterling wire,
nail heads and zippers. 
The Baoule Vessel features a brass mask, polymer clay, dirt from Georgia, cowrie shells, acrylic paint, eggshells, bone beads and ostrich shell disks.

Debbie Jackson


Debbie Jackson

Debbie Jackson of Columbus, Ohio is a multi-talented artist, author and educator with over 30 years of experience in working with polymer clay.

She teaches polymer clay workshops and gives presentations at conferences, to guilds and other art-related venues. Debbie wrote her first book, Polymer Clay Jewelry, and has been published in a number of art books and magazines.

Examples of DEBBIE’S WORK

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