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Layl’s presentation will be live and a recording will be available to all attendees soon after the Summit ends on August 6, 2023.

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Layl McDill

I’ve been creating a series of life size and larger mixed media wall pieces of animals.  So far I’ve made a rhinoceros, beaver, great blue heron, giraffe and a bison.  Each one has a theme or story with an interactive component.  For instance the Great Blue Heron is about migration and immigration and it has movable suitcases attached to it with magnets.  Its wing feathers are made of maps and model trains and more.  I’ve been exploring ways to use mixed media with each piece I create.  

These pieces are being shown at several solo and small group exhibits at art centers in the Midwest.  So far the feedback has been great.  I’m hoping to keep creating more pieces along these lines and see where it takes me.  I mostly create them with the goal of exhibiting them but they are for sale and I have sold the giraffe piece to a woman who hung it in her community studio that was once a barn in Clear Lake Iowa.  

I am still creating many detailed canes to be parts of these pieces and continue to sell my canes as Silly Millies on Etsy.  I love knowing that parts of my art becomes parts of other people’s art.  I’ve also been posting process videos of my canes on Tiktok where a few have gone viral.  Most people have never seen how the process works so it’s fun to share the magic!


International Polymer Clay Association


Layl’s Presentation

Go Big & Go Crazy

When working with mixed media and polymer clay you might think you have two limitations- melting temperature and size of your oven but there are ways around both of these issues.  I will talk about the various types of surfaces that don’t melt that I have baked clay on to in my many creations over the years and then spend more time on the trickier or un-bakable materials such as wood, some plastics, frames and styrofoam.   I will also talk about how I’ve experimented with baking mixed found objects into pieces that do melt just a bit- like light bright pegs and game pieces. 

Then, I’ll share my techniques for building large scale pieces that do not fit in the oven.

Examples of Layl’s Work

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