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Kathryn’s presentation will be prerecorded and available to all attendees after the Summit ends on August 6, 2023.

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Kathryn Corbin

Raised in NYC by artist/designer parents, Kathryn pursued a B.A and M.A. in Art History, then enjoyed a professional career as the paintings expert at several auction houses in New York City and New England.

Kathryn says….

Looking back at both my professional life and life’s passions, both have always been about, well, looking, but looking with fresh, unbiased eyes whether as a former board member of the IPCA, or the Society of Arts and Crafts in Boston, or as a collector. Fresh but experienced eyes were essential in my professional life as an auction house Fine Arts expert or more recently, an independent interior designer. Objective, but analytical eyes were required when serving on the Exhibitions Committee of the Fuller Craft Museum in Massachusetts, or as a college level Interior Design Senior Thesis Advisor, and it is especially true now as an artist working with polymer clay.

After a lifetime of looking, study of and exposure to so much art in so many forms by so many makers, I’d say that freedom to explore and experiment is at the heart of my art form. But of course, that approach can only exist and succeed, in the context of thoughtful, intentional design decisions, also deeply studied along the way.

So A Mixed Bag of Mixed Media, offered as a pre-recorded, post-live session Polymer Plus presentation, is designed to help you approach mixed media with a sense of curiosity coupled with what you already know about the medium and yourself as an artist.….…because if you are willing to say, “what if” You might just find your way to “wow!”.

  • International Polymer Clay Association
  • New England Polymer Artist Guild
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Mixed Bag of Mixed Media: Polymer Clay Plays with Paper Collage, Wire Mesh, Wood, and More

This pre-recorded session will be a look at some unexpected uses of materials which extend the potential we associate with polymer clay. Wire mesh, aka bug screen, can be either an alternative to a free-form structural support or an integrated visual element. Paper and polymer can be layered and fused to make dimensional but very light weight forms and shapes for multiple applications, including with the mesh. Add colorants that work with these media to visually manipulate or connect your mixed media creations.

Wire Mesh Before and After

Examples of Kathryn’s OTHER Work

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