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For polymer artists working with the Mokume Gane technique, imprint tools are the equivalent of pirate booty.  We are always in search of things we can stick in clay to create unique and unusual patterns, and to us, our MG toolboxes are as full of treasure as a pirate’s chest filled with gold and jewels.  Maybe even more!

As a registered attendee of the 2021 Polymer Art Summit, you are invited to send an image of your favorite tool(s) along with a brief description. All images will be compiled into a slideshow for the “Tool Time” session scheduled for Sunday, August 8th from 9:30-10:00 as well as available as a handout for your reference.

Please note…if you have super-secret tools that you are not comfortable sharing with the world, you can use that time to simply listen in or take a break before the next session. If you are interested in sharing, you are welcome to send an image of one single tool or a whole grouping as shown above (courtesy of Debbie Jackson). Cool stuff, right?!

Although we only have 30 minutes, we will try to give you as much time as possible to talk about your tools as well as ask questions of others. Our goal is for you to be inspired by what you see and hear to add to your own tool treasure chest.  It might be as simple as raiding your kitchen drawers or garage or stopping at yard sales with an eye for items that could be repurposed. Or learning about other sources such as cake decorating and clay pottery supplies. The sky is the limit, and we look forward so much to being inspired along with you!

Julie Picarello & Marlene Gremillion

Email images to:

** Deadline to submit an image is July 24th **