Adding Context

Adding Context

June 23, 2021 Event News 0

Nan Roche’s book, The New Clay, was the first exposure many artists had to the technique called mokume gane. Nan’s explorations in this technique, as well as the precursor technique called guribori, creating a platform from which many of us joyfully leapt.

The internet and it’s world wide web of possibilities gave polymer artists the information they sought to learn new techniques and perfect classic techniques. One of the first resources available online was Diane Black’s site, Glass Attic. Although not maintained, it is a wonderful archive of early polymer history, including that of mokume gane. Glass Attic and The New Clay provide context for the 2021 Polymer Art Summit and its goal to explore the history and beauty of mokume gane through the eyes of seven different artists.

Mokume Gane Table of Contents at Glass Attic

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